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Q: How long does it take to get a Black Belt?
A: There is no easy answer for this as it all depends on each individual. We have the slow and steady type of student who take their time and go at their own pace. We have "fast track" students who are single minded, come to every class available in pursuit of a Black Belt. There is no right or wrong way to achieve, but expect to spend, a minimum, 3 1/2 years (with excellent class attendance)  in training before being qualified to test for Black Belt.
We also require all students  testing for Black Belt to attend and compete in at least 12 tournaments (NTI inner-school tournaments count as 2).  This is a lot of tournaments to try and cram into 3 1/2 years.  Typically we say, the average student will spend 4-6 years, averaged (and sanely paced) to advance to the rank of Black Belt.
Remember, this is an Art form, it cannot be hurried, these are skills that build upon each other,  it takes time and patience to advance to Black Belt, and once there, you realize, it's only the beginning.
Q. Can the entire family do this?
A. Absolutely, we offer "All Belt/Family" classes where age is not an issue, 4-100 all ages are welcome. As well, you can opt for the children to go to children's class and adults to go to separate classes, whatever works for your family.  In addition some of our Owatonna school offers "Family Rates" for families of 2 and families of 3 or more at a discount.
Q. What is Women's Class?
A. The Womens Class is only open to women ages 13-100.  These are fun classes led by our women Black Belt Instructors. Some of our female students are a bit shy about attending an all belt class and start out taking the women's class.  After gaining confidence many move back and forth between all belt and Womens class.

Q. I'm not in very good shape, is this going to kill me?
A. When starting any exercise program it is always good to consult a physician first.  That being said, it must be noted that all of our students start Martial Arts in a variety of shapes, sizes and physical fitness levels.  If you are out of shape, have no fear, you will not be alone and what better way to get started getting in shape.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. It depends on what school you attend and what program you choose. We have several different options and payment methods to assist you. Please visit our Schedule/Tuition page and select the city closest to you for tuition information and scheduling.
Q. I would like to sign up for a 1 yr program, do I pay all at once?
A. If you would like to pay up front, all at once you can do that. If you would rather pay monthly you can do that as well. You can pay in person, through the mail, or on this website through PayPal (PayPal is a new option only available  to our 1 year contract students at this time).
Q. Does Taekwondo encourage agressiveness in children?
A.  Quite the opposite. All of our students are required to learn and practice the Tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Self-control, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit.  Children involved in Martial Arts soon learn, it's not about what you can do to others, it is about what you can do for others and what you can do for yourself.  It is about success without showing off and confidence without bragging.